If you would like to join the Club, please choose the plan that best works for you. If you are already part of the club, please login, prior to making any plan changes.

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* PPD Standard and PPD Matrix Memberships automatically bill your PayPal account MONTHLY, BIANNUALLY, OR ANNUALY .
* You may cancel your subscription at any time
* No refunds after canceling any PPD Membership

Free PPD Membership:

* Informational News Letter

Keeping you up-to-date with pixel news and information, RGB, props, products, and vendors by signing up for a free account.

* Leechburg Lights Blog

All of the original Leechburg Lights Blogs and links to videos will be available for viewing on the Pixel Pro Displays web site.  The Leechburg Lights YouTube channel will remain open and continue to share hints and information.  Make sure to subscribe to our new <<< Pixel Pro Displays YouTube Channel >>> to get all the new information, content, and uploads.

* Pixel Pro Displays Sales Notification

From Time to time, PPD will have special offers for the community.  Check back often to see if there is a flash special from PPD.


*Access to the PPD Facebook Members Group

Keep up-to-date with the PPD community.  The PPD Members Facebook page is a direct line of communications through which we can quickly share  information, custom models, and videos with you.  Don’t be Pix-timidated!  The group is here to help, and any questions are welcome!  Feel free to just ask without worry!  We are here to learn and help each other out.


* Bi-weekly xLights Class and Q & A Zoom

Each month,   PPD will host a 15 minute presentation on xLights functionality.  Following the presentation, we will open the mics up to questions you have on the presentation.  Or, if you have other RGB related question, we will be glad to help you out.


* Weekly Tips and Tricks

Every week, Pixel Pro displays will bring a new video upload having something to do with  RGB and pixel lighting hobby.  Tips and Tricks video ideas come from community members as well as the PPD Sequence Club subscribers.   These videos often come in a 5 part series, released through the month.  Tips and Tricks videos can range anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes and will be aimed at the information you  are looking for.

* Monthly xLights Preset Effect Download

Begin building a preset effects library.   There will be a different multi-layer preset available for download in the Standard Members area of the website.

* Vote for the Monthly FREE Song/Sequence

Each month, all PPD Subscribers will be asked for song suggestions for the next Monthly Free Sequence.  Once the top songs are narrowed down, a pole will be created.  All PPD Subscribers (Free and Club Members) will have the chance to vote for the next month's free sequence.  Become an active player in the PPD Facebook group and have the chance to shape the Sequence of the Month club for active subscribers.


The PPD Sequence Club


*Includes all of the above benefits from the FREE Members section, PLUS!

*Free xLights Sequence!

Each month the PPD Club Members will receive  one free sequence, Valued at $49.99 and UP.  The monthly free sequence will be determined by: First, suggestions will be collected for the monthly free sequence.  Then, a pole is created in the PPD Members Facebook group where everyone can vote for the free sequence.   When the free sequence is announced, all member will be able to log-in and add the sequence to their cart.  After clicking on "pay", they will find the sequence has been discounted and will be given a link to the download.  EASY!


*Weekly xLights Preset Effects Download

Begin building a preset effects library.   There will be a different multi-layer preset available for download Sequence of the Month Club area of the website.  Use these effects in your own sequences.  Or, dissect them and begin to learn how to master your own.  Save them and begin building a library of effects you can begin using right away!


*Special Vendor Offers

PPD Affiliates have been very generous since the creation of the Membership service.  Many vendors  offer PPD Club members discounts on items, orders, and services.  When we receive these special offers, we pass them onto the Club members!


*One-on-One Consultation Discount!

$30 discount for one-on-one consultations.  Stuck in the middle of your setup and need help now?  Problems making you huge display work   the right way?  The lighting community as a whole has helped many people get their displays up and running.  However, what happens when you don't get the answers you need?  When you don't have time to waste and need to connect now with the Pro's, Let us schedule an appointment and save you the TIME.