Free PPD Members can download one preset effect each month.  Monthly and Annual PPD Club Members gain access to 4 presets each month!

Preset effect links appear in BLUE, scroll below video for download.

To download a FREE preset; please Login or Register for a FREE Membership! Monthly and Annual Club Members get access to 4 preset effects per month.

PPD Effects Presets are bound by the Terms and Conditions of use.  Distribution of (sharing a sequence comprised of) PPD Presets is prohibited.

Each preset effect is tailored for a specific purpose. When you come across “Matrix,” know that it’s designed to shine on individual matrix panels. Similarly, if you see “TREE,” it indicates an exciting enhancement for mega trees. While all effects will indeed deliver results, their impact may vary based on the prop you choose or its dimensions. Essentially, this is an invitation to have fun and explore – let your creativity run wild! 🙂

Effect Presets are available for a limited time only!  Remember to check back for new downloads.