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November is a special month where monthly and annual members can pick any sequence from the store.  This includes all Christmas and Other Sequences.


If you would like to upgrade to the Pro Layout, it’s only $10 like always.    


Once you pick your sequence, check out and come back to purchase another one at 50% off.  


We look forward to you sharing your display in PPU!!

*Excludes Matrix and Tree Sequences

The Triple Play Club Member sequences are:

Please select one of the following Original Layout sequences as your monthly choice.

You can upgrade to the PRO Layout for just $10 more!

Like them all? Pick your sequence, check out, then comes back, and buy the other two sequences at 50% off

*Note: Extra Matrix, Tree, & Moving Head Sequences matching below are sold separately and not included as a monthly Triple Play Choice.  Members do receive discounts on matching extras.

Thank you for being a PPD Club member

Extra Tree Sequence:

Extra Matrix Sequence:

Intro & Bumper Add-ons:

DMX Moving Heads Add-ons: