PPD Webinar & Q&A Meetings

PPD hosts a live RGB hobby related lesson.  We follow up with a Q&A session to help you along with your display challenges.  See dates and previous webinar videos below.


zoom password: ppd  (lower case)

Webinars are streamed LIVE to our PPD Facebook Page.   Current Live-Streamed recordings are found HERE Not able to attend? View past Seminars below:

PPD Tips and Tricks: Submodeling the Boscoyo Arch/Filled/Spinner

Tonight we did some sub modeling with the Boscoyo Small Fan Arch. We haven’t created an official PPD Certified model …
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Feb 2022 Webinar Part 3 Run Your Show on a Remote Computer with xSchedule

Many people have don’t like to hold up their home computer every night to run their show. But, did you …
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xLights Feb 2022 Webinar Part 2: Sequencing xLights Across Multiple Computers

This is Part 2 of our second February 2022 Webinar. We will review cloud-based storage options which can make it …
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xLights Feb 2022 Webinar Part 1 Transferring xLights Sequences

This is Part 1 of our second February 2022 Webinar. We discuss how to transfer sequences so that you can …
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NEW Pixel Quad Controller Hits the RGB Market

This is the WT32 Quad Ethernet Controller. We will review the setup process for this new and simple device. It …
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February 2022 xLights Webinar: Organizing Your Props Through the Seasons

If you have been in the hobby for 3 or more years, you can expect to collect a number of …
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