PPD Webinar & Q&A Meetings

PPD hosts a live RGB hobby related lesson.  We follow up with a Q&A session to help you along with your display challenges.  See dates and previous webinar videos below.


zoom password: ppd  (lower case)

Webinars are streamed LIVE to our PPD Facebook Page.   Current Live-Streamed recordings are found HERE Not able to attend? View past Seminars below:

xLights Webinar: Adding More Colors!

Join us tonight, 5/23/2023 at 8:30 PM eastern time as we jump into the topic of Adding More Colors into …
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xLights Webinar: The All New Ripple Effect

Another exciting PPD webinar. Tonight we’ll review the new xLights Ripple effect! Discover the new possibilities of this major feature …
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xLights Webinar: Creative Grouping for Sequence Mapping

Are you ready for an exciting event? Join us tonight at 8:30 PM eastern time for an exclusive PPD Zoom …
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xLights Webinar: xLights Key Bindings (Shortcut Keys)

Discover the fascinating world of shortcut keys and custom key bindings that can revolutionize your experience with the software. Join …
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xLights Webinar: The xLights Icons

Tonight, we’ll unravel the mysteries behind the array of powerful icons adorning the top of your xLights screen. This session …
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December 2022 Webinar: xLights Text Effect on Icicles and Sub-models

Tonight we dive into the captivating world of text effects on sub models! Unleash your creativity and learn how to …
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