PPD Certified Model Downloads

Need a hand mapping your PPD Sequences to props that are not found in the PPD Pro Layout?  Wondered what sub models to map PPD Effects to on some of the most popular Gilbert Engineering HD Props?  To answer these and other questions, the Team at PPD has put a lot of effort into creating the Official CERTIFIED MODELS DOWNLOAD.  Perhaps you've run into some models where the sub models appear to not work correctly? The team has worked to improve the model so effects appear as best as possible.


We've also added Model Groups to make it easier than ever to map the PPD Pro Layout Sequence.  With the added PPD Model Groups, you can take advantage of the xLights AutoMap function in the sequence import screen.


Please watch all 3 short videos before downloading and importing the PPD certified models into your layout.


*WARNING!  Insure that your existing model's base wiring diagram follows exactly with the downloaded version of the PPD Certified Models PRIOR TO replacing in your layout.  If our prop wiring is different from yours, it can create inconsistencies in how effects are rendered.  Make sure to back up your layout prior to replacing any model so you may revert back if you have a problem. See Warning video for more info.

You checked your wiring diagram and they match!!! Lets continue


PPD Certified Models
Boscoyo Studios
Gilbert Engineering USA
DMX Moving Heads


Can't find a Certified Model in our list or think your model has issues?

PPD Certified Models are a work-in-progress!  We will only use an official Vendor-Original Model (as procured from the prop vendor).   If you should find a model in our CERTIFIED MODELS download selections with group errors or sub models which do not operate correctly, please contact us using the form below allowing us to correct it and updated for others.  We will not be adding or creating custom models or custom sub models.  This form is meant to add or fix existing vendor models that require the PPD groups and sub-model groups added.

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