The PPD Team can program any song to match your event and captivate your audience!

Imagine the color, tempo, and energy rolled into some of your favorite music.  Custom programming is a way for you to personalize your display or project and set it apart from the rest.   A common question we receive is, "Well how long does it take to program the lights with music?"  This is tough to answer.  First thing to consider is how many models or props are in your display?  Simple displays with a house outline, and some small trees in the yard can take a few hours.  However,  a medium to large display with multiple models like pixel wreaths, pixel snowflakes, pixel spinners, pixel mega tree, and a line of arches; the programming time can add up to more than 20 hours per 3 minute song.  Programming larger commercial animated shows can take an average of 60 hours per song.

There are a number of reasons our clients ask for this service.   Sometimes a new song hits the radio and it's sure to be a hit with your clients or viewers!  Perhaps you had a number of requests for a specific song to be played?  The two common reasons we hear from our clients are:  "I'm just not very creative..."  Or,  "I don't have the time to program."   Pixel Pro Displays will create the magic for your audience, filling them with life long memories.