When it comes to creating entertaining pixel light effects that are in sync with any song, the PPD Team offers you a lot of creative options. With topnotch music and sound analysis programming and advanced lighting effects tailored to meet your specific needs, our artistic experts can program any song to match your event and captivate your audience!  Pixel Pro Displays animation is an intuitive, extremely powerful and cost-effective pixel sequencing solution.  We deliver the most comprehensive lighting effects for mapping digital LED pixel strips and fixture arrays regardless of the dynamics.  From video commercials, media facades and bridges, nightclubs and indoor events, Pixel Pro Displays specializes in live touring show animation and designs.


Pixel Pro Displays uses real-time audio analysis to create an original artistic vision with magical effects.  Count on our programming experts to create unforgettable memories for your visitors.  Imagine the color, tempo, and energy rolled into some of your favorite music.  Pixel Pro Displays Custom Programming is a great way for you to personalize your display or project and set it apart from the rest. There are a number of reasons you may ask for this service.  Sometimes a new song hits the radio and it’s sure to be a hit with your clients or viewers!  Perhaps you had a number of requests for a specific song to be played?  Pixel Pro Displays can program truly amazing lighting effects and build an atmosphere of magic your audience will remember for a lifetime.


Full-Custom Programming:  This allows Pixel Pro Displays to be ultimately creative with your song selection. Programming is completed on your finalized xLights layout.  Any song can be selected and makes your sequence a one-of-a-kind selection.  This is reserved for any MP3 such as content that is trimmed, edited, considered a “mashup” of multiple songs, and is not available via an authorized public download. The Full Custom sequence won’t be resold in the PPD Sequence Store. (Premium Value)

Custom-Basic Programming:  Programming is completed on your finalized layout.  Your music selection should be a complete and unedited version of the MP3.  it must be available for purchase and download from a site such as Amazon/iTunes, or where the public may legally obtained the track.  We will take your color and design suggestions to create a custom look for your display.   The sequence will eventually be made available for future release in the PPD Sequence Store.   (Great Value)

Made-to-Order (MTO) Sequence on the Pro Layout: Pick any song from Amazon (a complete and unedited version), and our song and lighting experts will use the PPD Pro Layout to program your music.  When completed, you will receive a copy of the sequence which you can easily import into your home layout.  PPD Club members receive a discount on all Pro MTO sequences. (Best Value)

Made-to-Order (MTO) Sequence on the Original Layout:  Using the PPD Original Layout, we will sequence your Amazon song selection (a complete and unedited version).  The Original Layout is a basic layout with fewer groups and props.  When completed, you will receive a copy of the sequence in the Original Layout. PPD Club members receive a discount on all Original MTO sequences. (Good Value)


Commercial Use Programming:  If you would like to use a custom PPD Sequence on your church, municipal display, commercial business, or major attraction. Please contact us at

*All Custom and MTO sequences include one fully programmed feature matrix and mega tree sequence.  Additional matrix and mega tree programming will be an additional charge per model.  Contact us for more details.

*Full Custom exclusive sequence may be adapted to the store layouts and sold depending on future MP3 availability by the author/copywriter.

*Custom graphics, images, and animation are included upon request with an additional charge

*Please email us in regards to singing/speaking characters faces (lyric tracks)

*Some exclusions apply to Custom-Basic and Made-to-Order sequences

Pixel Pro Displays reserves the right to use programming from any Full-Custom mashup sequence to produce sequence based on a full released mp3