Pixel Mini Tree

49 pixels total. 7 strings of 7 pixels Center poll: 3′ long piece of 2″x3″ Base: 18″x16″ Hardware needed ~30′ pallet strapping (I used 3/4″ wide stock) 2 @ 3″ drywall screws 14 @ cup hooks 14 @ zipties Optional… Read More


My Songs Know: Fall Out Boys Test

Quick test from my laptop on this little prop. 7 channels of LOR with 1,400 multi incandescent lights. Deciding whether I should make this fan/domino into a 6′ tall element. I like how it turned out.


Pixel Spinner/Star Test

***Update Spring 2015… These have been disassembled and rebuilt using RGB bullet pixel nodes. See new video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCrtGR… Using 1/2″ PVC cut to 22″ and connecting 2 “T” connectors together with a bolt, I made the spinner. Each leg… Read More


Pixel Spiral Tree 2013

Very easy project completed today. Pixel spiral tree. I used 2 rolls of 5 meter 50 pixel WS2811 strips purchased from Ray Wu. Strips were $30 each, but I didn’t use every pixel, maybe 43-45. The star is made up… Read More


Pixel Starter Kit Burn In

Here is a video of the pixels from the starter kit order. They have been running for the past 12 hours in the light cave/shop. The purpose was to find any bad pixels and make sure the ones I send… Read More