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Props with character and innovation. Outside of the box designs with the end user in mind.

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*WARNING!  Insure that your existing model’s base wiring diagram follows exactly with the downloaded version of the PPD Certified Models PRIOR TO replacing in your layout.  If our prop wiring is different from yours, it can create inconsistencies in how effects are rendered.  Make sure to back up your layout prior to replacing any model so you may revert back if you have a problem. See Warning video for more info.

You checked your wiring diagram, and they match!!! Lets continue

PPD Certified xLights Models

PPD BigdaFan – – Latest Model – 12/24/22

PPD EFLake24 – Latest Model – 7/6/21

PPD EFLake46 – Latest Model – 7/6/21

PPD EFLSnowflake36 – Latest Model – 7/6/21

PPD EFLSnowman Snowflake SM – Latest Model – 7/6/21

PPD EFLSnowman Snowflake – Latest Model – 7/6/21

PPD EFL Showstopper Snowflake – Latest Model – 9/27/21

PPD EFL Showstopper Spinner – Latest Model – 8/15/23

PPD EFL Spiral X NSR – Latest Model – 1/11/24

Don’t see what you are looking for and think your model has issues?

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(This is for existing models needing PPD’s awesome sub-models not for custom creation of a new model.)