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Excited to get started using xLights in 3D?  3D has come to the forefront of holiday animation.  There are many displays that will benefit from using the 3D functionalities, however designing your layout in 3D can be an overly complicated task.  Whether you are new to the hobby, or want to upgrade your current layout to 3D, PPD can set up your layout.  Just provide PPD with your 3D files (full house 3D rendering available from third party) and rgbeffects and we will build your display in another dimension.  For more information on 3D please email info@pixelprodisplays.com


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3D Layout Terms and Conditions

PPD will create a digital layout based on the customer's original design per our recommendations. After the layout is completed, any client requested changes to layout and package setup will incur an additional charge per each change to the layout made.

Residential clients only

This Pixel Pro Displays service is for residential purposes only.  For commercial services, please contact us at info@pixelprodisplays.com more information.

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