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Get started with an amazing animated light display!

If you are new to RGB pixel lighting or currently own other software and are switching to xLights,  this Deluxe  Layout and Sequencing package is for you.  Many people are hands-on and love to build, design, and setup their show.  But, when it comes to setting up the software program, selecting music, and sequencing six songs; this can take as much or more time to learn than actually building your props.  At Pixel Pro Displays, we understand.  We have more than  10 years of software and sequencing experience.

Tell us about your plans to build your own amazing holiday light display.  Then, let us help you design and setup your display layout.  Once the software layout has been built, we setup your layout using our ORIGINAL Easy Sequence import.  This allows you to  quickly import any PPD sequence from the store into your layout.  We can help you determine the number of controllers you'll need and where to place them in your display.  If using Falcon pixel controllers, we can help you setup your layout to automatically load your controller configurations.

We can also help you build your purchase list for everything you'll need.  PPD is proud to have the largest vendor affiliation in the animation hobby.  Affiliates offer exclusive vendor specials to members of the Sequence Club.  Save money on the items you need with the help of the PPD Affiliate program.  And, when it's time to make it all work, PPD can help you get it running.  We include 3 hours of support to help sort out the bugs and get your display blinking and flashing.



-Display Consultation - $80 value

-2D Layout Design and Setup - $300 value  (*3D Layout Design not included)

-The ORIGINAL easy import setup (This will allow you to import any PPD sequence in minutes) - $75 value

-Diagram (where controllers are placed, what plugs into where, and prop placement) - $175 value

-Controller Upload Setup(some controllers may not be supported ) - $125 value

-6 months of the PPD Sequence Club(6 PPD Original Layout whole-house sequences plus our affiliate Vendor Specials that will save you money on your display!) - $420 value

-Show build list - $200 value

-3 hours of Support (In a bind? Don't worry PPD has your back!) - $240 value

+Package value $1,615.00

*3D Layout is an additional charge

Deluxe Setup Terms and Conditions

PPD will create a digital layout based on customer's original design per our recommendations.  Wiring diagram, controller setup, and build/parts order list will be issued based on the initial finalization of layout.   After the Deluxe Setup is completed, any client requested changes to layout and package setup will incur an additional charge per each change to the layout made.

Residential clients only

The PPD Deluxe Setup is for residential purposes only.  For commercial services, please contact us at more information.


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