Sequence Mapping


Please email The Sales Team to see the availability we have.  This is the busiest part of the season, and we don't want to overpromise and not be able to help.


Found a sequence from another vendor but don't know how to map it into your display.  Don't have the time to figure out how to import into your layout?  Send us your files.  We will take the time to map and import that sequence onto your xLights layout.*


* Import and Map refers to xLights native sequences only
* Moving head mapping service is an additional charge

* Must supply vendor-approved moving head model if adding moving head mapping service

* For Light O Rama (.lms) sequence import service contact us first at info@pixelprodisplays.com


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Residential clients only

This Pixel Pro Displays service is for residential purposes only.  For commercial services, please contact us at info@pixelprodisplays.com more information.


Once your sequence mapping is completed, follow this video to easily bring in your layout changes and map the sequence into your computer show folder:

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