New Webinar videos have been uploaded from March's meeting.  Have a look!  There are 3 sections that are available.  We reviewed Spirograph, Fill, and the Curtain effects.  Follow along with the video by downloading the sequence I'm using using the hyper link below.


You can download the xLights sequence.xml file by clicking here!



This is a detailed introduction to the Spirograph effects on a high definition/high pixel-count matrix.

Discover how you can create stunning xLights effects from a seemingly no-sense automatic default giant circle. How every micro adjustment (of the Outer Circle Radius R, Inner Circle Radius, r, Distance, d, Animation, a, and Length) culminates into a stunning effect.

You will also learn how you can easily play around with your color effects in the Spirograph mode, mask, layering, etc. to create stunning effects



Discover easier, faster and more fascinating ways that you can optimize the value curves and other functionalities in xLights Fill Effect to achieve your desired sequence.

Find out how color, position, direction, and other settings inspire amazing effects.

Take advantage of xLights cool Presets such as Flat, Ramp, Ramp Up/Down, Ramp Up/Down Hold, Saw Tooth, Parabolic Down, Parabolic Up, Logarithmic Up, Logarithmic Down, Exponential Up, Exponential Down, Sine, Abs Sine, Decaying Sine, Square, and Custom)… And take your hobby to the next level!

You will also learn pro tips on how the Fill Effect mirrors the Morph Effect but with its own distinct functionalities -- with multiple color effects and band lines.

Skip size, offset value curve, bars with spaces not moving, Spirals, etc.


Just as the name implies, the curtain effect offers you the flexibility of including a patting curtain animation to your xLights sequencing.

Combine your Curtain effects (Open, Close, Open then close, close then open), and Curtain Edge (Left, Center, Right, Bottom, Middle, and Top) and Swag with Spirograph, the Fill Effect, or any other xLight functionality to create whatever sequence you have in mind.

Get creative... Use xLights curtain effect to introduce pictures, slides, animation and more in this 13 mins insightful video.

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