An interactive and practical session on some very important features in xLights.
In this video, you will learn easier and more fascinating how to build a mega tree, as well as how to incorporate stunning effects using any of the following tools in xLights:
- Spiral wraps
- Bottom/Top Ratio
- Perspective
- Number of Strings
- Nodes/Strings
- Starting Location
- The Lock, etc
Discover cooler ways to set up the controller, and overlap the channel, and other physical pixel effects. Other tools include troubleshooting options among countless other amazing features in xLight
Pro Tip: Learn why locking ‘by pieces’ is a better setup approach compared to locking your entire work layout.

In this video, you will learn:
- How to tweak your Model Data and Background Data,
- Physically entering custom information to create fascinating Custom Models
- Resizing and Match-sizing,
- Aligning Models and Centering Props
And more.
Pro Tip: Why you should Purge Download Cache before you proceed to download any Model.

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