Just how many videos on CUSTOM MODELS can you make?

Well, over the past 4 years of using xLights  Clyde hase made 4 videos on how to build Custom Models using xLights for Leechburg Lights! Why so many?  Well, I guess just like fine wine, xLights just keeps getting better and better over time.  This latest video is thanks to a question asked in the Official xLights Facebook group.  In the past xLights users would use external programs such as Microsoft Excel.  Or, there are free programs like Excel, like Lebra Office, Open Office, or Sun Star Office which can also be used. Like every enhancement, xLights changes to suit the needs of today's users!  A huge thank you to the developers for their additions to the custom model creation.  Were it not for them, the program would not have the features that continue to make it easier for us to create the amazing shows we enjoy putting on!  Remember to like and subscribe to the Leechburg Lights and Pixel Pro Display YouTube page, and don't forget to show your appreciation for the xLights program by making a donation to the folks who develop these amazing enhancements.

Please check out our Pixel Pro Displays  Memberships where you gain access to current and updated information on how to use the xLights sequencing software.  With two levels of membership and loads of information available on the PPD website, you are sure to pickup and learn the xLights software easily.  Also available on the Pixel Pro Displays website are sequences which you can EASILY import into your display to create an awesome holiday show!

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