This interactive video is a must-watch for anyone who desires to get better at their hobby. Highlights include:
- Wireless sequences and data over different components; understanding if there’s any interference or glitches and how to overcome them.
- The advantage of using a Multicast.
- Knowing whether or not the wireless or wired connection is a good fit for you.
- Understanding the peculiarity of your set-up locations and how to set up appropriately
- Knowing if the network for the Pi is the same for that from the computer.
- How to connect Pi into a switch and connect the multiple controller locations that are connected to that switch to send data out.
- The security implications of running your computer on your home network, and running your show off of the same home network, and practical ways on how to avoid them.
- How and what you probably need to know when test-running your setup.
- How to link your iPad wirelessly to your xSchedule program on your Windows computer.
And more!!

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