Discover the network basics for animated light shows in this interactive video tutorial; as you get started with the fundamental understanding of how to start your own show from a networking point of view.

The E1.31 is the data transfer of DMX protocol (512 channels) via Ethernet. Learn how it connects to a data source (PC or Ras Pi), Connects network cable to the source and Controller, Outputs to lights, and more.

This video demystifies the perceived complexities that are often associated with Animated Light Show Network setups.

While it is not your typical “everything you need to know... and more” kind of video, you will learn a lot about the various tools and basic know-how about getting started:

  • DMX/E1.31
  • Patch cable
  • Network switch
  • Network layout
  • How to set up your computer to connect to the controller

Also contained in this video is:

  • a simple E1.31 Network Flow Chart with a pictorial representation of how a computer/Raspberry Pi connects to the network switch and the E1.31 controllers via the network cables.

You will find a detailed explanation of the key components, their operations and you can easily set up your own computer network station; including how each unit of the entire setup communicates with the other sub-units, as well as how to troubleshoot your controllers - should anything go wrong and more!

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