Discover useful tips that you need to be mindful of when dealing with controllers:
- Know where to start
- How to break it down;
- Power and outlets positioning
- Why it is important to break it down into zones; setting up one zone at a time – how to make it work; test, double-check and move to the next zone.
- What you should consider when running your extensions from the available outlets.
There are also some schools of thought about controller placement and possible alternatives. They include
- I don’t want controllers in the display (visible)
o Higher cost to build display/more cables
- I don’t want to make long runs with pixels (less data issues)
o Close to props but can be an eye-sore
o Cable management OCD
- How much to connect to one port?
o One prop per output – the more props, the more controllers needed
Controller placement strategy
- Multiple props per output – fewer controllers, more concern with power injecting
o Power distribution strategy
o Expansion requires more controller purchases
- How many controllers do I need?
o It depends on your design and setup philosophy
- How do I calculate this?
o Start counting the number of props
o Consider how many outputs each prop will require
And so much more in this highly informative video tutorial.

Part 1


How to keep it safe for visitors

In this 2nd part video, you will learn practical hands-on steps about how to position your props as a newbie or as someone who is looking to scaling things up – upping your game in a pretty cool and fascinating manner.

Your controller position, number of controllers and pixels...

The best approach on how to stay on top of your setup; powering, props arrangement and controllers and all. Watch this!

Part 2

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