This video highlights some practical ways on how to prep your setups to upload into your controllers.
You will also discover:
- Some interesting xLights upgrades that are compatible with the Falcon, Raspberry Pi, E682 and more.
- How to organize your outputs for your controller from xLights
- How to build a prop from your layout; then upload your output configuration to your controller.
- Assigning a start channel to a custom model for a pro outputting.
- Practical steps on how to calculate your universes, accurately.
- Standard IP for your Falcons, as well as other parameters such as the Network Type, Port, Universe ID, Channel, xLights/Vixen/FPP Mapping, status and description.
- Props settings and configuration
- Tree parameters such as type, degrees, rotation, spiral wraps, bottom/Top Ratio, Number of Strings, etc.
- Circle model, Spinner configuration and overall Outputs
And so much more!

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