This must-watch video highlights xLights Preset Keybindings/Shortcut Keys in... Where to find them.

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Discover a useful program that lets you edit xLight shortcuts or create new xLight shortcuts seamlessly.


Follow along with the video and use the xml file displayed in this video series
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Part 1: Add shortcut keys (or customize your own) in xLights

Below this video is a link to my original video with the full download links to my shortcut xml file as well as my key (which tells you what key to press for the effects). Notice: not all effects have shortcuts and you are welcome to edit this file to fit your needs.


Scroll down for Part 2: the Marquee effect

Original YouTube Video: Make your own shortcut keys in xlights

My xLights Keybindings file:   [download-attachment id="5056" title="xlights_keybindings"]

My xLights Shortcut Key Description (you can print out):  [download-attachment id="5054" title="xLights Shortcut keys"]


Part 2: The Marquee Effect - The Basics

Learn how to explore the shortcut key letter ‘q’ for the Marquee Effect. The standard basic marquee effect; its default settings, and the slider configurations; the settings and positions tabs, layering, etc.

You will also discover practical steps on how to introduce the appropriate settings parameters Band Size, Skip Size, Thickness, Stagger (wide or narrow), Speed and Start Position.

So much to learn in this brief but very insightful video.



It gives you the flexibility to come up with really interesting looks. Such as spiral effects, mask, and so much more!

Marquee gives you tremendous flexibility unlike any other. Discover how you can easily tweak any of the sub-configurations or tools to achieve your desired effect:

  • The Positions (X and Y scale) configurations
  • Learn some pro tips
  • Render Style – Single Line
  • Render Style – Spiral Lock
  • Skip Size
  • Band Style and Position Change
  • Layering and other options

Gain insight on how to put xLights Marquee Layer Settings to good use; the Buffer and Roto-Zoom effects. And more!


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  1. Clyde, I was watching your newer key bindings video and you referred to downloading your shortcut list. I finally found these videos but the download link doesn’t appear to be working. Can you re-post or share? I’m on your FB pages too. if not no worries, thought I would ask. Thanks for all the great videos and extra time your putting in.


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