Announcing the second PPD bi-weekly webinar for June 2018 at 8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time.  This week we will go over a the new WARP EFFECT, developed by Kevin Mojek.  While the effect adds some cool new options to the xLights, it is still under development.  There are more additions on the way for this effect.  After seeing what the Warp Effect can do, I'm pretty sure you will be interested in trying it out for your self.  After the review of the Warp Effect, we will open up the floor for some general discussion and Q&A.

To join us for the webinar, please get signed-in (for free) and click the link below.  The Webinar will be recorded and uploaded to the PPD webinar page and available a few days after (when we have time to edit).  Everyone is welcome, however, the seating is limited.

LINK Here!

PPD Zoom Webinars

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