So the first thing you would probably need to understand in XLights, is that there are tons of
ways that we can render effects -- including doing them in the group levels. Say, for instance,
you have a group of props for your yard, mini or mega tree and what have you.
In this video, you will learn (or perfect your skills on) how you can seamlessly render your
effects selectively or in groups. You will also discover how you can easily troubleshoot or
maneuver through difficult prop models when carrying out a layering or blending activity.
Discover how you can easily apply effects such as the spirals, colors, garland and more!
As you watch on, you will learn how effects can be easily rendered over the top of the model.
As well as what to do in your sequence setting screens when allowing the sequence to blend.
This includes how the effects are rendered whenever you want them to blend versus when you
don't want them to (blend). And more!!
Watch this!
Any time you want to create sequencing and you want layered effects, you should consider
‘allowing’ blending between models. This is something that you're going to have to play with
a lot, especially if you need your prop to be more captivating and intuitive.


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