Learn how to create basic line effects that are comparable to the Windows early screensaver images. You will also discover how you can easily create your desired line effects from the various sliders and configurations such as:

-           Lines
-           Points
-           Thickness value curve
-           Speed
-           The trails/Fade trail
-           The color curves (forward and 'reverse')

-           Rotozoom for your preferred or favorite rotation

-           Persistence

-           Blur

-           Oversize (the buffer)

-           Layer blending: e.g. blending the butterfly effect with other overlays as well as how to use other features such as the Morph, Canvas, @in Transition’, ‘Out Transition’, ‘2 is True Unmask’, Buffer Tab and more!

The lines effect is very simple, but definitely a very powerful and pretty exciting xLights addon.

It's an awesome effect with the lots of nice features that are added to it.

You will also learn why you need to apply the layering effect to create the required xLights 3-, 4-, or 6-points, lines impression or graphics.

Pro tips: Discover how you can accomplish stunning effects with your xLights Line Sliders, Spectrum option and more!!

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