This is Part 2 of the video series on Importing xLights sequences into your layout.  If you follow the instructions in part 1, you can easily identify the groups and props that have sequencing programmed into them.  Then, following this video, you can begin mapping the sequence EASILY.  If you purchase a PPD Sequence and followed the first video you will find it will take you less than 2 minutes to import any of our sequences into your layout.  After you have done the mapping, you can save the map for future imports.  And, as per the video, will only take you a few seconds to import future PPD sequences.


xLights Sequence Import Part 2 from Pixel Pro Displays on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Step 3-Mapping a PPD Sequence into Your Layout”

  1. Clyde,
    I have downloaded the new Club sequence and I have mapped it. Once I play it on my layout it shows everything working properly except the Mega Tree and the Matrix that I mapped to my P10 panel. They show all RED. Do I need to do something by moving the videos out of my original folder that houses your Pixel Pro Layout? I don’t recall having to do this in the past as I have mapped Other sequences. Any thoughts?

    1. Art,
      If you are seeing lots of red on the matrix or mega tree, you probably have AVI’s, videos, or Shaders that are not correctly linked back to the original sequence. The Step 2 video is what I recommend for you to follow BEFORE trying to do an import into your layout. Step 2 Video shows how to download, extract, change directories, open the download sequence, render, save, close in the PPD LAYOUT.

      Step 3 video (on this page) shows you how to manually map the sequence AFTER Step 2 is performed.

      Links to the video and Shaders are set to my computer file structure. That is how I must package the sequence for you to download. When you do a direct import from the un-rendered sequence, you’re copying file paths from my computer’s file structure. Following the Step 2 Video above should completely fix the red you’re seeing after doing the sequence import.

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