There are times when you may have a lot of sequencing or multi-tasking to do, and you apply
effects that make your work a little more tedious. And sometimes, even impossible for you to
hit the next milestone in your project -- because you may have unintentionally created multiple
effects or actions that counteract each other.
The good news is that after watching this video, you will no longer have to experience those
pitfalls whenever you are navigating through XLights or working within your sequencing screen.
Say, for instance, you wanted to extend the length of, perhaps, your existing Morph effects.
And you wanted them to be longer or maybe out of the way, or you wanted to perform a
completely different action.
In this video, you will learn how you can easily extend your morph effect the entire length or
extend some sets of effects for however long you want them. You will particularly find this
video useful whenever you realize how much you like an effect. And you want to draw it out
over a longer period of time or create some complementary or custom effects.
You will also learn some pretty cool cheats that will help you get your sequencing done a lot
faster in XLights. And so much more!!

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