This video walks you thought how to map a PPD Moving Head sequence into your layout. We also show how to bulk-edit the effects to work with YOUR moving head model if it is different than the what our layout uses. We use the Dominar Beam IP xLights model from Mattos Designs. Follow this video to show how you can remap those effects from our model into a Magical Light Show moving head.

Link to download the Mapping file  to convert effects from the Dominar Beam IP head to Magical Light Show moving head: Click Here!

Using moving heads from a different vendor?

You must create your own Mapping File.  Download our spreadsheet to help you create your map and use the video below for more information - Click Here!

Get the Mattos Designs Dominar Beam IP:

Buy the moving head - Click Here!

Purchas Moving Head Sequences:

PPD Moving Head Sequence Store - Click Here!

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