Now open to the residential lighting community!

Pick ANY SONG on the Amazon or iTunes website and have the Pros at PPD sequence it for you.  This is the best deal on any sequence PPD has ever offered for programming a customer selection.

👀 LIMIT!!! 12 total MTO song slots available at this price
Only 1 MTO song per person

Hurry!  First 4 days this sale is only for the PPD Club Members. After the 4th day, it will open up to the entire lighting community.

When they are gone... the sale is over!

Use Code:  NYE24

  • First, verify the length of your song choice.
  • Select the Pro Layout Option.
  • Then, select the Song Length category your song fits into.
  • Add to your cart then apply the code at check-out

Your selection will be discounted as follows:
Songs 3 minutes long or less are $200 (regular price $349.99)
Songs from 3 to 4 minutes long are $300 (regular price $464.99)
Songs from 4 to 5 minutes long are $400 (regular price $579.99)
Songs from 5 to 6 minutes long are $500 (regular price $699.99)

Feel Free to email us at if you have any questions or for song verification

What is an MTO? MTO (Made To Order) Sequences are a way to have PPD sequence a song of your choosing on the PPD Layout format.  This makes it super easy to import into your home's layout. Simply map any of our programmed groups into your layout group.  Then sit back and enjoy your custom selected song as you share it with your family and community.

This special is for the PRO Layout version, and includes programming for HD props, sub models for detailed props, and sequencing options for more than 34 groups of props.  Our Pro Layout includes enough programming to fill in any size display; small, medium, or large!  Don't have a lot of props?  This sequence will be ready for all future additions you have in mind.

For more details on our MTO Sequences, click here.

*$200 price is for songs under 3 minutes

*1 song per person

*Exclusive to PPD Club Members for first 4 days, then open to the community

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