This is the WT32 Quad Ethernet Controller. We will review the setup process for this new and simple device. It runs off of the WLED firmware and is perfectly compatible with xLights via E1.31 Ethernet data or DDP protocol. xLights controller upload works well as we show during the demo. No Raspberry Pi or Beagle Bone Black is required.  You will need a 5v power input to run the electronics from the board. A separate power distrobution board is required to run power to the pixels (plenty of examples are cited in the video). This means you can run either 5v or 12v pixels.

The video is broken into 2 parts. The first 30 minutes is dedicated to the the Quad board's product information, and setup with xLights. The second part of the video was a rather lively and deep discussion of the options and use-cases this controller has. This includes Amazon Alexa compatibility, as well as  year-round "smart" options for inside and outside your home. That's what makes this an interesting and fun board to play with for any light/RGB pixel project.

Quad Controller is found here:
(at the time of this video, per the video, more will be available very soon)

Note, I did forget to switch screens for one section of the setup. I added helpful screen shots and arrows to work through this. The full and unedited "live video" is available on our PPD Facebook page here:


2 thoughts on “NEW Pixel Quad Controller Hits the RGB Market”

    1. Ken, I just purchased a 5 port switch from Amazon to use with these 2 boards. The intention is to do a build video of my controller setup. We’ll likely do this on a Tuesday night when we don’t have a webinar scheduled. At the moment tho, we have Transworld Christmas Show and the Florida Mini scheduled over the next few weeks. May not be until beginning or mid April when we’ll have time to jump on to that project.

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