This is what I used to make my pixel spinners for my 2013 display. Still some assembly work to do after the video was shot.

Items used
Pixel strip (in silicon sleeve) with 30 RGB's per meter, 5 meter roll 12V WS2811... Used 1 roll per spinner., I cut a the strips into sections of 5 pixels (15 RGB nodes) per arm.

4each 10' sections of 1/2" PVC. Cut 8 legs at a length of 22".

4each PVC 1/2" 'X' Connectors,

100ct pack of 6" zipties,

1 tube GE Silicon II

3 core wire cut to 26": lengths

1set male and female waterproof pigtail connectors.

To animate the spinner, I'm using a Sandevice e682 pixel controller. Currently it is hooked up to a Joshua P2 pixel controller on the house. The computer is running Light O Rama Showtime S3 software, outputting E1.31 protocol (data converted from the sequence to the pixels) to the controller.

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