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One-on-One Consultation
1 Unit = 1 hour

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There are numerous holiday lighting forums and FaceBook groups that will help you learn about RGB and pixels.  Sometimes you may find your questions have multiple answers that confuse you even more.  Worse yet, your questions never get answered, or are commented on with, "you need to read more before you ask that question."  Need to cut-to-the chase?  We are happy to help you get you started on your pixel journey.  At Pixel Pro Displays, our motto is NO Pix-timidation, no question too small or too hard.   This hourly service is for people who want a professional to do the job; someone to build a holiday layout that will be functional for running a holiday display.   Pixel Pro Displays is here to support you through the process of creating your layout and designing your display.  We are also here to help sequence your show.  RGB and Pixels is a do-it-yourself hobby and can be very confusing your first year out.  Let us do the heavy lifting.  What can Pixel Pro Displays do for you?

Please contact us at info@pixelprodisplays.com to schedule the consultation.

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