XLights is evolving all the time! In this video, you will learn about some of the crash-fixes and
cool addons that have now been incorporated in this amazing tool. The major addition being
the download button.
And just in case you are wondering what these new addons such as the download option, for
instance, could possibly translate to. Well, you are gonna love it!
Imagine that you are in the middle of a project in xLights, and you wanted to add some
additional effects. Ordinarily, you would have needed to navigate to your browser to find and
download the required effect from the vendor’s website that has it. With the updated Shader
Effects tool, you get to download and apply the effects within xLights.
Another great thing about this tool is its intuitive file structure that keeps you organized. So
much to learn and enjoy in this updated version.
Pro tip: Discover how to spend less time while doing more with xLights.

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