This month we want to start out with a video which walks you though the creation of a new sequence. We understand that many of you may already know some of this, and the information may not be "new-to-you". That's okay since there are many members who have not tried using other options when creating a new sequence. This is the longest Tips and Tricks video (to-date), packed with a lot of content you may find interesting.

Next, Rob announced yesterday that the next LIVE monthly seminar for all PPD (Pixel Pro Displays) , we be on Sunday, February 25th at 11:00 AM (Eastern Standard Time).

Topics are:

Simple Sequencing
How-to utilize Queen Mary Vamp Plug-ins.
Color curve palette options.

So in this weekly Tips and Tricks video we thought we should start out with some primers to get the you ready for the end-of-the-month class. After watching today's video, we recommend anyone who will be joining the LIVE Webinar call to have a look at the videos attached below. Coming to the meeting with the knowledge in these examples will get you going in the right direction. Reminder to all members that the content below is listed on my original Leechburg Lights Youtube Channel.

You'll notice that the version of xLights continue to change through the years, as well as the "look" of the xLight's Setup, Layout, and Sequencer tabs.

This video shows how to create different views in xLights. While watching the Tips and Tricks video above Clyde mentioned the "Select a View" option when creating a new sequence. This video can show you how to create new groups and views for easier sequencing

This is the most recent video on how to install the Queen Mary Vamp Plug-in for xLights. Just follow along if you are a Matrix Member, we'll go into great detail on creating TIMING MARKS in this month's Matrix Member Seminar.

Here is one of the first videos that highlights the application of the Queen Mary Vamp Plug-in for xLights. This goes into detail about some of the actual timings, and also the timings Clyde most frequently uses. Note: This video is from early 2016, we have since migrated towards a few more specific timing selections. We will cover this in the LIVE Matrix Member Seminar.

This video is on understanding the Data Layer, something which is in the "New Sequence" wizard. If you are NEW to computer animated light shows and have only used xLights, this video is not for you. Folks who are coming in from other sequencing software such as Light O Rama or HLS will find this video with some value. You can follow along with the theory of what data layer is and how it works with the xLights program.


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