Attention all lighting enthusiasts! Tonight's webinar is an absolute must for those seeking to optimize their programming skills. Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of creating groups in xLights. Discover the invaluable techniques that will enhance your mapping and sequencing results, taking your lighting displays to breathtaking new heights.

Building upon our previous Creative Mapping webinar (Oct 11, 2022), where we explored the art of mapping, we now delve deeper into the crucial aspect of setting up groups within your layout. Brace yourselves for a special guest appearance, as they share their expert insights and showcase meticulously edited and updated group examples. If you're working with a range of HD pixel props and submodels, this discussion on groupings in xLights will set you on the path to achieving outstanding overall results.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to refine your programming prowess and gain a fresh perspective on how to leverage the power of groupings in xLights. Join us tonight for an enlightening session that will unlock the true potential of your lighting displays!

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