Learn the step by step procedure on how to tweak images to create amazing picture effects… As well as interesting and pretty easy ways that you can create multiple images. Scaling-to-fit, hue-shift, extrapolation, motion, layer, kaleidoscope effect and more.


This insightful video tutorial contains a detailed hands-on guide on:

  • Where to find video content

Pixel Pro Display Shop on the Website

Effect Packs

  • Matrix Video Effect
  • Matrice Video Effect
  • Pixel Santa Animation Pack
  • Video Effect Pack #2 HiDef

Note About Video Content

Beware of the fact that unless otherwise stated, most video contents are copyrighted by the author. You should, therefore:

  • Seek permission to use that content outside of the author's intent
  • Read and follow website download use terms and conditions
  • Sharing content not created by you, without permission of the author is illegal

Website For Personal-Use Video Content

  • Free Content
  • Subscription for content creators (Pay to download)
  • ($20 - $60/month)
  • ($70/year)

Challenges of using Video with xLights

Challenges and Expectations...

  • Video Aspect Ratio
  • Why some videos do not start playing as soon as you place them
  • Videos can add to your render time
  • Packaged sequences can be larger
  • Why some outputs look dull

Walk-through of the Video Effect

Why you may need to consider downsizing your videos

An alternative source of videos



-     Although you lose video quality when converting a video format down, viewers won't notice

-     It's always best to start with smaller videos as they will scale up easier

You will also discover how to take advantage of the shaders option to create fascinating picture effects in xLights, and more in this interactive video.

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