Build layouts and setups within the xLights environment is a lot easier than you may have imagined. Learn fantastic ways on how to chain your models together for easier controller setup output.
This video highlights:
- A walk-through of the chaining xLights models
- Assign outputs for each of the models
- A practical step-by-step upload to the controller
- Viewing the controller map
You will also learn:
- How to determine what props you will have (basic layout)
- Where your props be located? As changes may cause you to rearrange the configuration
- Know what controllers/configurations you will use
- What props will you have? And where they are located.
- Flow of data: from start to the end prop
- Start at the most logical point
- Make your chaining logical for you to easily remember
Where to start; left or right. And tell xLights what you are doing. Are you zig-zagging
Understand why xLights will always assume 1 port per string, and how you can take advantage of this default configuration or tweak it to your advantage.
Model description length
- Pay attention when entering output numbers for each model
o Make sure to enter the correct port each time
o Pay attention: Easy to get off-track if you get distracted
o Sometimes you can have 4,5 or even 10 models on one output
- Remember your controller's limitations
o Pixels per output
o Maximum amperage
- Consider power injection points when appropriating
- When updating the previous year’s layout, consider “blocking” universes together for specific channels
o Neat and organized setup tab
o Easier to find controller IP Address groups
So much to learn from this insightful video! Watch now!!

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