Watch this insightful practical video tutorial that shows you a detailed hands-on approach on how to create the xLights Text Effect – from the perspective of a user. Discover useful tips about what each xLight text effect does and how it can be applied.

Also highlighted in this video are basic practical steps about how you can easily create the xLights effect – via the effects setting window.

You will also learn:

  • How you can take advantage of the tools, for precise implementation and effects.

-     How you can import tools into your text layout and fonts without losing the size across different matrixes.

-     Other characters such as the movements, text alignment effects (vertical, horizontal, Vertical text up, Vertical text down, etc), transformation, preset value curves; speed and time periods, and more!

Pro tips:

  • Discover how to utilize, and, in fact, maximize the various tool functions, sub-function, and their precise locations within your xLight window by hovering across the tooltips.
  • Learn how to become a professional with the xLights countdown tool as well as simple tricks on how you can easily switch to your default settings with just a few clicks and more!

Other characters such as the movements and preset value curves; speed and time periods, and more!

For use with the count down feature.

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