Learn practical steps and pro tips about text positioning, rotation, and movements. As well as how you can easily create multiple lines of text moving at the same time, speed rate and other relevant options.

You will also discover how to set your countdown option to work effectively, without getting things muddled up -- by blending in your sequence seamlessly. Learn the specifics about how xLight's date/countdown tooltips work, hands-on.

This engaging webinar offers a quick recap of part I, then expounds on how you can enhance your text effects in easier and pretty cooler ways.

Learn about sequencing for multiple-color effect; Layer Blending, ‘Masking’… Creating the butterfly effects as well as creating multiple bars on multiple letters. You will also discover how to utilize the countdown effect – using a number of options. Watch Now!!



Download this image to help understand exactly how to use the countdown features in the text effect.

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