Have a look at the new way to add the Audacity Queen Mary Vamp plug-in, and experience XLights Shiny New Version 2020.4.  Super easy! I couldn't believe it when I saw it!

Fresh from the box, this version highlights a wide range of features with cooler custom options that deliver smoother and more intuitive user experience. Apart from the general Microsoft Visual C++ installation that may be required (if you haven’t already done so), every other process practically runs on autopilot.

Take the Queen Mary Vamp Plugins, for instance. With it, you could scan and analyze the entire MP3 file for the different information to create timing tracks that we are required for your sequencing.

Typically, you would need to go through the sequence icon, to preview the entire process. However, with the xLights version 2020.4, the entire process is a lot easier.

Enjoy the fascinating tools including the Timing Interval features such as the 50ms, 100ms, Metronome,  Bar and Beat Tracker (Bars, Best Count, Best Spectral Difference,  Beats, etc), and discover practical steps and pro tips in this insightful video, as you up your game -- taking your xLights sequencing to the next level!

PS: I’m sorry, the mouse pointer was not active on the screen sharing software. New videos will show the mouse pointer.

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  1. Thank you. I’m very new to this whole type of display and planning a small display this year (12 strings only) your tutorials have been very helpful and they make me think that next year I would like to expand my experience

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