Just in case you are wondering, “Where did the xLights Settings menu go?”  Well, it's been repackaged into its own dialog panel. In this video, you will find out where the settings menu is now situated along with some of the options it holds.

With the newly released xLights version 2020.4, this tips and tricks video highlights some of the major additions, and, in fact, the deletion of the settings menu that used to be in xLights.

There were certain features that seemed very frustrating and challenging to use. But thanks to Dan, the xLights Settings Menu is now a lot more user-friendly.

As opposed to the old settings drop-down, the Settings menu now has a few new interactive boxes that you would eventually get used to. They are very interesting and well laid-out to make it a little easier for you to do some of the things you love to do with xLights.

To find the new Settings Menu, simply navigate to the File Menu… You will find two settings menus (the sequence settings menu and the preference settings. Find out more in this enlightening tips and tricks video.

Note: Nothing has been added to the settings in this release, it's only an interface update.

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