This video highlights the practical application of some functionalities and effects including:

  • The emoji functionality in the shape's effects
  • How to use the emoji effects to make pre-make picture effects (airplane, globe, circle, etc.).
  • The seamless integration of both the text and the picture effect
  • Installing font and emoji effects into your Windows system directory
  • How to create images on a matrix or mega tree.
  • Tuning your movements along the x-y axis
  • Effects layering tool, shape effects and buffer options
  • Addition of pixel icicles into your layout
  • Creating multiple text lines

Also discussed is a live demonstration of the Picture, Morph and Warp Effects, and how to make the best use of these effects to accomplish your desired goal.

In addition to highlighting some of xLights Greatest hits in 2018, you will learn how to create specific effects and layers, multiple colors, color variations or the butterfly effect; layers blending; masking, canvas mode configurations, and more!


  1. Regarding the Text effect demonstrated in the Dec 2018 part 2 webinar, there is another way to wrap text without using a text file … use the \n string, such as … Merry\nChristmas. As of xLights 2018.61, only the first 6 lines of text in the file are used. You can also put the \n string in the text file to get even more text displayed.

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