To end the 2018 year we reviewed some effects and functionalities that have seen some major updates (or additions) into xLights since last January. They include:
- Bulk upload to controller option
- Copied effects not rendering after pasted
- Video Effect Enhancements
- Escape key now used to cancel dialogs/rendering
- Pixel font added for 7-high pixel matrix (icicles)
- Replace Model with new Model
- Export house previous (sequence preview)
- Extended keybindings added to xlight (now in the help menu), and shortcuts
- Load/save icons updated (no more arrows)
- Align Models in the setup tab fixed
- F48 Upload to controller
- Warp Effect added
- Import Pixel Editor files to xLights
- Lyric track and Sequence download added
- Emojis added to Shape effect
- Value Curve enhancements to allow up to 100 points
- Matix Faces downloader
- Lock effects in sequence
- Select Models/Row Effects for copy/paste/delete
- Create a group of modes by selecting and right-clicking
And more... Watch this!

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