Learn more about the Falcon V2; THE F16v3, as well as the basic idea of what the Falcon does, and how the controller works across various configurations, including:

  • The Falcon F16v3 and Expansion Boards
  • The different configurations and setups
  • Jumper settings for expansion boards
  • The differential receiver board
  • Looking at the Falcon web setup page (real-time)

You will also discover:

  • how expansion boards are addressed
  • how the ports are counted
  • how you can easily overcome the issues of distance and other peculiar challenges that are associated with the Falcon layouts and configuration setups.
  • How the Falcon sees the expansion boards in the firmware
  • How you should think about numbering the expansion board ports.

Ever thought about how you could power and control setup with lots of heavy pixel props in a central area?

This is where the Monster (local) controller comes into play… You will learn about the aforementioned and much more in this insightful video webinar on the Falcon Controller; its different layouts and configurations.


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