This video walks you through the xLights layout using the new PPD Pro store setup.  If you are mapping the pro level sequence into your display, this video will help you setup your groups in your layout to match the Pro layout groups.  Below the video you'll find an image of the current version of our Pro Layout from 2022.  We've updated to add in a number of High Density pixel props and sequence with over 40 groups which can easily map to your show's layout.


The Pro Layout for 2022.  See below for links to the props used to create our Pro Layout.


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Mini Tree with Star Large 180º:

Candy Cane 99 ct


ChromaFlake 48in. IceQueen HD Snowflake:

ChromaFlake Sara Diamond Star 24in. Snowflake

ChromaFlake 24in Diamond Tip Snowflake
ChromaFlake 24in Ice Princess

Mega Spinner 48in

Pixel Spinner 36in

Door Star Wreath

PPD Wreath

Star 32 Inch (on Pixel Poles)

Window and Roof outlines we recommend Chromatrim for perfect spacing at 1", 2", 3" or more.

Lollipop Stick (Pixel Poles)

Star Mega Tree 36in

Column Matrix Panels (8x42 pixels)2 each per pixel column:

Mega Tree 32 x 100 tall 2 inch spacing:

Spiral Tree Kit:

Flood Lights:

Garage Matrix 48w X 24t  8'x4':

P10 matrix is  4 panels wide by 6 panels tall.  Total of 128 pixels wide X 96 pixels tall

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