It really isn’t hard to get things running…
You will learn :
Enhanced feature of xLights; jukebox and xFade functions
- Live light show control
- How to build the demo layout in xLights
- A walk-through of the Jukebox function
- Introduce the xFade Program, and how it runs alongside of xLights
And a practical demonstration of the XFade program using a P10 panel
Discover fascinating xLight Lighting Control configurations for:
- Theaters, Churches, Mobile DJ
- Churches who may have Weekly musical performances
- Community theaters might produce plays and performances
- Dj’s may use lighting for receptions and gatherings
- Festivals with bands performing live
Other topics include:
- Layers, models, and sub-models
- How to take advantage of the effect description menu
- How to configure a single-button activation for multiple models
- Changing the effect in real-time
A practical walk-through… Setting up the jukebox functions in xLights and more!

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