This video will show you how to use the xFade program in conjunction with xLights. You must have an understanding of the xLights Jukebox function in order to really tap into the power of xFade. Also demonstrated is a practical hands-on guide on how to use MIDI devices in such a manner that you will achieve the power and freedom of using the computer.
The interactive touch of the MIDI devices discussed in this video will equip you on how to set up triggers in a configuration that is more tuned to your style and need.
Gain insight about:
Where to find Xfade jukebox
How to make Xfade work correctly
The configuration
The Settings Menu:
Understanding the significance of Port A and Port B
Rendering the sequence to activate the jukebox effects
Setting up your displays on the appropriate universe/port/IP number
Queuing up the effects and switching in-between screens
Learn pro tips on how to render your light sequencing effects in Xlights and the transitions; rotate, transform, crossfade, modify, and more!

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