This is a quick tip on how you easily, and, of course, conveniently set the brightness of your
In previous editions, we had to go into the Falcon controller setup page on the string ports. And
set the individual brightness per output on the controller. We could say it was easy, but it was
definitely time-consuming.
Imagine that you had 48 ports on a controller. You would literally need to go through each port
on the controller to set the brightness.
With Xlights dimming curve functionality you could easily go and click on the individual model,
to edit your brightness in percentage values. So at 50 percent, you're showing a negative 50.
Your shows are running at 50 percent, 60 40; 70, 30; 80, 20, and so forth.
But if you had a large display, it was very time consuming to go through and click on each
individual demand curve. Well, now you can highlight your entire show or just a model group.
And once you highlight it all, you right-click on the highlighted area and you click the dimming
curve. And then in a demand curve, you can set this to whatever brightness that you like.
So much to learn in this insightful tips and tricks video.

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