You would love this insightful video tutorial on the Garland Pause Effect including the five
different colors and fill effects (with those same five colors that were used).
Starting with the transition effects with which you could do any kind of transition (fade, wipe or
clock, etc) for any amount of time. It could also give you a little bit of an interesting twist to the
full effect. And if you decide to put the off effect on here (which is also included in the video),
you get to see the whole thing as it goes through the entire progression of what you want it to
You would also learn how to perform quick transitions in general from one effect to another.
And then at some points, you could add a blend of transitions such as when revealing with the
clock, you can have another effect going on underneath it that starts out. So it's revealing
something multiple effects at pre-programmed time intervals.
From sequencing tips and tricks to find out how you can easily impress your audience with a
pro-Garland Pause Effect, and more… There’s so much to learn in this insightful video.

Saw a great question today in the xLights Facebook group and took a break to show I extend the Garland effect to "freeze"  it at the end.

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