It is amazing what you'll find on Craig's List these days, especially when the ad title reads, " Christmas Snowman ".  It's even more amazing when the owner is GIVING it away.  I just got home from the 45 minute drive to go and pickup this little guy.  He is in unbelievably good condition.

He stands about 4 feet tall and over 3 feet wide.  The wire itself is of 1/4 inch thickness, a good high quality wire frame.   This figure was a very expensive piece when it was new.  The lights do not work but I'm sure you can guess I have other plans for him.  The lights will be removed and the frame will  be sanded & restored with  a fresh coat of paint.  Not sure how many pixels will be put on him just yet.  There is also a chance I could copy the design and weld my own version of this wire frame.  Very excited to get to work on it.


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