Completed the upstairs window frame conversion.  I have removed all the RGB lights from the frames.  They were held on by zipties for 2 years.  In that time the ties became britle thanks to the sun and cold temps.  Used a drill press (borrowed from my sister), a drill press vice, 1/2 inch countersink drill bit, and some Krylon Fusion paint to refurbish the look of the frames.

2015-04-03 22.49.032015-04-03 22.49.14

The RGB nodes push thru the back of the frame and show thru the front.  You do not see any wires at all.  Very clean look.

2015-04-04 16.03.36 Frames

I had to create a jig which would make even 4 inch spacing (distance between each RGB light).  This was a bit challenging but I managed to make the jig you see below.  Coming soon, how-to instructions.


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