xLights Webinar: Emojis in xLights

In 2018, emojis were introduce into xLights through the Shapes Effect. Since then, a few enhancements have helped to make the emoji appear as they do in modern devices. Tonight we will demonstrate the emoji package and ways you might… Read More

xLights Webinar: The WARP Effect

Tonight, 6/20/2023 discover how to manipulate pixels, create waves of motion, and bring your sequencing to life with the Warp effect. Using Warp is just one way to enhance your effects and allow them to stand out during specific parts… Read More

xLights Webinar: The States Effect

Unlock the power of the “State Effect” in xLights and revolutionize your sequencing experience! Have you ever wondered what the “State Effect” is and how it can benefit you, particularly when working with static props or singing coro faces? Join… Read More


This is a walk-through of the xLights Video Effect. Discover the several interesting ways that you can incorporate videos in xLights. Learn useful tips about:  Where to find video content  Challenges of using Video with xLights Where to… Read More

Morph Updates for 2019

MORPH UPDATES FOR 2019 MORPH UPDATES AND EFFECTS Learn about some of the interesting and supercool enhancements that have been added to xLights to make your props pretty-much easier, quicker, and more fascinating. With the morph-buffer effects/functionality with live feedback/display,… Read More

The NEW Shader Effect in xLights

The new Shader Effect is here!  This makes 3 new effects added into xLights for 2019.  We are thrilled to have this customizable addition in xLights.  Huge thank you to Michael Allen, who showed me what shaders are.  Many shaders… Read More


THE xLIGHTS PICTURE EFFECT Learn the step by step procedure on how to tweak images to create amazing picture effects… As well as interesting and pretty easy ways that you can create multiple images. Scaling-to-fit, hue-shift, extrapolation, motion, layer, kaleidoscope… Read More