This is a walk-through of the xLights Video Effect. Discover the several interesting ways that you can incorporate videos in xLights.
Learn useful tips about:
 Where to find video content
 Challenges of using Video with xLights
Where to find content, including recommended websites for personal-use video content for both free and paid/subscription-based options. As well as the different rules of engagement that will help to stay out of trouble.
Pro tips include:
- Avoid sharing content not created by you, without the permission of the author.
- When searching for video effects…. Avoid spending excessive time on the search.
Discover the peculiar challenges as well as what your expectations should be in terms of:
- Video Aspect Ration
- Why some videos do not start playing as soon as you place them on the effects screen
- How videos can add to your rendering time
- The peculiarity of packaged sequences
- What makes video outputs look dull!
- Converting videos/ downsizing
- Alternative video content
You will also learn more about the shader effect, and how they can be used to achieve video effects. And much more in this insightful Webinar. Watch Now!!

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